Daily Update

ASSEMBLED OWNERS assembled at Rangihou and Baludarri along with the Police. Ceremony and Prayer was held at the entrance to the development site. We proceeded to Rangjhou Sacred Site and welcomed the owner of Probuild onto the land to discuss why the developer and the Parramatta City Council did not present at the meeting.  Probuild were respectful at all times and shared their version of what had transpired. We instructed them to cease and desist once again, respect the children buried on the land, the spirit mothers and grandmothers of the children, our customs, values and traditions. We further instructed them to contact the development M Dibbon and Company to meet with the Assembled Owners at Rangihou. Meeting closed at 2pm

Police watched over the Assembled Owners with respect. Channel 10 circled the area in a helicopter.

September 16 2014 at 6.12pm

ASSEMBLED OWNERS were contacted by the Granville Police and informed that Probuild Company were questioning their position with the land jurisdiction and Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation.  The constable was asked where he gets his authority from and answered with “NSW Police”. We informed him that the laws that he was pointing to are foreign laws. He would not go back to the source of his laws, so we asked him to be prepared when we ask him again.  We was advised him that we will be utilising the police should we be refused entry onto our own land and that we will be charging the builders with trespass. He asked that we keep discussions peaceful. This was agreed.

What is ironic is Parramatta City Council have had 3 years to rebut our claims to the land and to date they still haven’t. They are using only words and have still not presented any evidence to prove otherwise.

September 16 2014 at 2.00pm

ASSEMBLED OWNERS visited Rangihou and Baludarri Sites to ensure that works have ceased. It is confirmed works have ceased. Currently awaiting call from Probuild regarding meeting with Developers and Parramatta City Council.

ASSEMBLED OWNERS spoke with owner of Probuild. Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Assembled Owners and Probuild decided to summonsed the Parramatta City Council to Rangihou and answer to the questions relating to the sacred sites and the fact that they did not inform Probuild of the details of Rangihou and Baludarri.

INTERNATIONAL JURISDICTION RANGIHOU & BALUDARRI UPDATE: Assembled Owners of Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation and Embassy together with Probuild Building Company have summonsed Parramatta City Council to a meeting at Rangihou in private.

Probuild Building Company and Developer have received a Notice of Cease and Desist. All works on the building site have ceased.

INTERNATIONAL JURISDICTION UPDATE: Assemble Owners of Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation and Embassy: Notice of Cease & Desist has now been sent to the developers. Works on the site have stopped. We will keep you posted.

Parramatta City Council Depot Trespass Sign has been affixed to the gate.

All communications are respectful and have been done in peace.

September 13  2014 at 8:19am

INTERNATIONAL JURISDICTION RANGIHOU & BALUDARRI UPDATE: Assemble Owners of Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation and Embassy STOPPED EXCAVATION WORKS on 2 Morton Street, Parramatta yesterday due to the disruption and desecration of a children s burial site on the sacred Rangihou and Baludarri Lands.

We met with builders, peacefully discussed the issue and they respectfully stopped work immediately. The Notice of International Jurisdiction was given to the builder to address with the developer Starryland, as the developer had not advised the building company of the sacred matters pertaining to the said lands.

After witnessing major digging in a very sensitive sacred area of land, Trespass Signs were affixed to the fencing at entry points of 2 Morton Street Parramatta, Friday 12th September 2014. Agents present were peacefully informed that they had offended our ancestors and the children buried within this sacred burial site. We further informed them that a ‘Tapu’ covers this land whereby “anyone that digs on this land is digging their own grave.” We will again remind them that if do not heed our warning and continue works after our third warning we will not be able to assist them should our ancestors avenge them due to greed and ignorance.
Today a Notice of Cease and Desist will be issued to the Developers to cease and desist from any and all excavation, building and development works on this site 2 Morton Street, Parramatta Gondwana Land.

Assembled Owners
Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy.

ASSEMBLED OWNERS met in congress at Rangihou. Agenda Items:  Main topic Notice of International Jurisdiction.

INVITATION: An Invitation to Participate in the Birth of a New Sovereign Nation: Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy
Parramatta Gondwana land (Australia)
commencing 18th September 2014

ASSEMBLED OWNERS summonsed to Rangihou and Baludarri. Excavator driver was told to cease works immediately onsite due to the disturbance of a sacred burial site. Meeting was held with Managers of Probuild.  Trespass signs were erected on 2 Morton Street and the Parramatta City Council Depot.

ASSEMBLED OWNERS spoke with surveyors onsite. Informed them of Notice of International Jurisdiction. Told to cease works.

Sovereign Oaths were sealed and being submitted.

ASSEMBLED OWNERS met in congress at Paremata. Agenda Items: Notice of International Jurisdiction; Invitation; Oaths; Common Law Women and Men, Justice of Peace, Declaration of Sovereign Independence and the Charter.

September 9 at 3:33pm

Justice’s of the Peace ordained. Common Law Women and Men ordained.

PRESS RELEASE 9th September 2014

©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™
Rangihou Crescent, New Zealand Street, Morton Streets Parramatta Gondwana Land
Postal Address: PO Box 9144 Harris Park NSW 2150
Email: pbr@nmncorp.com.au

On the 8th September 2014 ©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™ land area of approximately 120 acres on the banks of Parramatta River, was put under International Jurisdiction.

Lee Nangala Lacey notified ©Turikatuku III Gumada™ on the 4th September in Parramatta to convey that the Common Law Court of Justice Australia set up by the Aboriginal Human Rights Commission will receive ratification with International Jurisdiction. After receiving that news Turikatuku initiated and sent the Notice of International Jurisdiction to Parramatta City Council, Department of Environment & Planning and Developers on 8th September 2014 and put the ©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™ under International Jurisdiction.

Quote “This is great news for all involved and all sovereign nations in Gondwana Land and Aotearoa. It has been years of persistent work, many hours and many obstacles, but the research and action taught us that Australia and New Zealand are both Independent Sovereign Nation States run by illegal invalid purported Corporations masquerading as Government relying on power from a current Act of domestic law of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain (An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia) which under international laws, (Charter of the United Nations Article 2 paras, 1 & 4 and resolutions 2131[XX] 1965, and 2625 [XXV] 1970) which cannot be validly applied in the Independent Sovereign Nation States known as Australia or New Zealand.” Therefore the facts are clear that under the United Nations Charter ‘a legal government’ does not exist in Australia’. Under such circumstances international law and high court rulings, the expression of government and representation of the Independent Sovereign Nation State of Australia reverts to the sovereign people.

For the past 3 years ©Turikatuku III Gumada™ has served notices on the Parramatta City Council questioning their validity, their authority, requesting the true bill of sale, land treaty and land management arrangement over Rangihou Lands, Rangihou Sacred Burial Site, 1A Morton Street, 2 Morton Street and Baludarri Wetlands (Rare Historical Sites of State, Federal and National Significance) from the Originees (Sovereign Aboriginal Darug Clan) and/or Sovereign Maori descendants of Sovereign King Paretonga Tautari, Maori Ngati Hine Chief Te Ruki Kawiti and Maori Nga Puhi Chief Hongi Hika. Facts have been presented to council regarding the land gifting to Maori from the Sovereign Darug and Eora Tribes in 1778, 1811, 2006 and confirmed in 2012. The unrebutted fact is, Parramatta City Council (local government) have illegally and unlawfully seized, sold and occupied property, operating a slavery system, trespass, theft, robbery, debt bondage, blackmail, extortion, political persecution, interference of tribal sovereign lands, desecration of a sacred burial site, unlawful rates and handing out and accepting bribes in the form of grants from developers to indigenous community signatories in order to sell tribal lands and approve developments etc, etc, etc The Parramatta City Council is a PRIVATE COMPANY ABN 49907174773, who are NOT Constitutionally lawful and whose by-laws and statutes apply only to their own staff. Parramatta City Council knows that Common Law prevails. After more than 25 letters and notices, Robert Lang (missing CEO), Sue Weatherley, Sue Coleman, Greg Dyer, John Chedid, Debbie Killian, Neville Davis and the Parramatta City Council did not rebut these claims, whatsoever, therefore the facts and claims outlined are unrebutted, accepted and honoured and a Commercial Lien Claim was served on all named individuals and the Parramatta City Council.

Turikatuku states “those that have signed out Rangihou, Baludarri and the burial site of our ancestors by accepting bribes in the form of grants from developers and the council will be found out and an arrest warrant lodged in their name.”

Parramatta City Council, Greg Dyer, Think Planners (Developer), M. Dibben (Developer), Department of Planning and Environment, its persons, officers, public servants, actors, contractors, staff are now denied Jurisdiction and have been served with the Notice of International Jurisdiction, a Public Notice of Eviction Order and Right of Entry Order as the government agents, councils and courts are all body corporate’s with ABN’s, and ©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™ does not consent to their illegal invalid statute laws.

Parramatta City Council, Greg Dyer, Think Planners (Developer), M. Dibben (Developer), Department of Planning and Environment, its persons, officers, public servants, actors, contractors, staff and members of the community are now warned that International Citizen’s Arrest Warrants have been activated and that they can now be placed under citizen’s arrest charged under the Treason Act 1571 and Crimes Act 1961; for Treachery, Human rights crimes against humanity, economic deprivation, operating a slavery system, trespass, illegally and unlawfully seizing property, selling property, forcible possession, theft, debt bondage, blackmail, extortion, political persecution, interference of tribal sacred lands, bribery, receiving monies of a dishonest nature, unlawful rates, genocide of Maori and Originee children Rangihou and a blatant disrespect of Jurisprudence under Gods Lore/Law, Common and International Law, Aboriginal, Originee and Maori (Kawa, Tikanga, Customary) Lore/Law. They have now been warned that human rights abuses are more serious than war crimes and placed ‘economic deprivation’ at the upper end of the penalty scale. The Notice clearly outlines that any person directly involved in an illegal act of economic deprivation can be jailed under the United Nation’s penalty scale for five (5) to twenty-five (25) years). Turikatuku explained that under common law, peace officers have been appointed to arrest unlawful persons with Treachery and Human rights crimes against humanity.

The Australian Federal Police, NSW Commissioner of Police, Attorney General, Prime Minister of Australia, Governor General, Premier of NSW, ICAC Commissioner, International Sheriff of Common Law Court of Justice Australia, Parramatta Sheriff, United Nations President and Kevin Arnett ITCCS, have all been notified in writing of the Notice of International Jurisdiction, the Eviction Notice & Right of Entry Order, International Citizen’s Arrest Warrants and Common Law Peace Officer Authorizations. Any attack on ©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™ or the sovereignheirs under International Jurisdiction, will be seen as an act of terrorism and charged under an international law and common law, starting with a citizen’s arrest.

In order to enforce this Notice of International Jurisdiction our Tribal Elder and Justice of the Peace, has notified the NSW Police Commissioner in writing that they have been publicly deputized and that they can now enforce the legal order for citizens arrest, as is their duty and obligation under common law. Any refusal by them to do so, or any attempt by them to prevent the enforcement of these Notices and Orders, will be considered an act of hostile intent and criminality by them, and a violation of their oath of office. In the event of such a dereliction of duty on their part as police officers / peace men, we reserve our right under common law to appoint Common Law Peace Men and Women to maintain the peace and enforce this lawful Orders according to the principle Actus legis nemini facit injuriam, ‘The act of the law does no one an injury.’

Home owners, businesses, companies, churches in the International Jurisdiction Zone will be notified in due course of this Notice of International Jurisdiction and meetings will be arranged and take place in private.

©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™ reminds the general public that it at this time that the grand conspiracy by corporations, masquerading as councils and governments, being foisted on humanity, will come into full focus. Parramatta City Council have taken advantage of a privilege, as if it were, a private law applicable to them alone. We no longer choose to follow the dictators of deceit who are unlawfully imposing foreign INVALID laws on us all.

©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™ operate with divine guidance and authority in their entirety and clearly state that they do not need a corrupt and unlawful system other than Love, Universal Peace and Truth along with the Universal Laws and Earth Mother. “Let them try and put out the light of the sun and stop the stars from shining. While they’re at it, keep the light on!”

©Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy™
Under International Jurisdiction

Notice of International Jurisdiction was served on:

Greg Dyer   I  CEO of Parramatta City Council, 30 Darcy Street, Parramatta N SW  2150

Brad Delapierre   I  Development Assessment Officer, 30 Darcy Street, Parramatta City Council

Think Planners   I  Developer, 9A O Connell StreetRespondent:, 9A O Connell Street, Parramatta  NSW 2150

Starryland Sydney Pty Limited,  M Dilbben   I  Developer, Suite 403, Level 4, 89 York Street, Sydney  NSW  2000

Department of Planning & Environment, Simon Officer   I CFO, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney  NSW  2001

The Hon Tony Abbott, Parliament House, RG109, Canberra ACT 2600

The Governor General, Government House,Dunrossil Drive, Yarralumla ACT 2600

Mike Baird I MP, Premier of NSW, GPO Box 5341, Sydney  NSW  2001

Commissioner Andrew Scipione APM, NSW Police Force Headquarters, 1 Charles Street, Parramatta  NSW  2150

Hon George Brandis I Attorney General, PO Box 143, Albion  DC QLD 4010

Megan Latham  I  ICAC Commissioner, GPO Box 500, Sydney  NSW 2001

International Sheriff,  Aboriginal Human Rights Commission, Common Law Court of Justice Australia, Aboriginal Embassy Canberra

The Sheriff, Parramatta Sheriff Office, 6 George Street, Parramatta  NSW  2150

His Excellency, Mr. John William Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda), United Nations President, Via Director, Mr Ion Botnaru

United Nations Information Centre Canberra, Mr Christopher Woodthorpe  I  Director, PO Box 5366, Kingston  ACT  2604

Kevin Arnett, The International Common Law Court of Justice, Via Mr. George Dufort LL.B.



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