International Citizen’s Arrest Warrant



In the matter of Treachery, Human rights crimes against humanity, economic deprivation, operating a slavery system, trespass, illegally and unlawfully seizing property, selling property, forcible possession, theft, debt bondage, blackmail, extortion, political persecution, interference of tribal sacred lands, and handing out and accepting bribes in the form of grants from developers to indigenous community signatories in order to sell tribal lands and approve developments,  unlawful rates and a blatant disrespect of Jurisprudence under Gods Lore/Law, Common and International Law, Aboriginal, Originee and Maori (Kawa, Tikanga, Customary) Lore/Law. Case Docket No: 20145268-001

A Warrant for their immediate Citizen’s Arrest is hereby issued to the Person(s) named herein, based on all unrebutted FACTS are stated in the Notice of International Jurisdiction dated 8th September 2014, Public Order of Revocation dated 1st March 2013 [Court Order 02252013-0018] and Decision of the Court in Matter The People v Elizabeth Windsor dated 25th February 2013 [Court Order 02252013- 001A]:


having committed offences after being advised that  from October 1, 1919, or January 10, 1920, or at the very least, June 26, 1945, it became an offence under International Law to enforce foreign law, including the Domestic Law of the United Kingdom) upon the Australian sovereigns who are the government of the country, not the parliaments.  To do so is to commit an act of treason against the sovereigns of the land.  NOTE: The “Australian” Judiciary, Governments, Corporations, Police and political systems within Australia itself have problems in recognizing these facts. This refusal to accept these facts stems from an illegitimate and or private/personal intent by the Judiciary, Police and political systems to oblige the United Kingdom Parliament and Monarch in their continued raping and pillaging of the natural wealth, resources and energy of the Sovereign Indigenous Gondwana Land people.

REMEDY: You and the Parramatta City Council no longer have Jurisdiction over Rangihou Lands, Rangihou Sacred Burial Site, 1A Morton Street, 2 Morton Street and Baludarri Wetlands. You shall remove any and all agents, officers, contractors, developers, actors from these said areas, STAND DOWN from your office and you will be released from legal obligation.

YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED! Parramatta Sheriff, International Law Sheriff and Common Law Peace Men and Women have been informed and dispersed pursuant to this International Citizen’s Arrest Warrant.

Peace Officer Autograph

Date Issued 8th September 2014
This warrant is valid for a period not exceeding one year, and is effective until 8th September 2015

International Arrest Warrant pic


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