Notice of Cease & Desist served 13th September 2014

Dibben & Company

Starryland Sydney Pty Limited

Suite 403, Level 4, 89 York Street

Sydney  NSW  2000
Delivery Method: Emailed to Probuild 13th September 2014

Re:  Unauthorized Entry and Use of 2 Morton Street Lands, Parramatta Gondwana Land


Dear Mr Dibben & Company,

We recently became aware that Starryland is undertaking excavation works on 2 Morton Street Parramatta, land that is now under restored ancestral management and International Jurisdiction.  We confirm that you received the Notice of International Jurisdiction, Eviction Notice and Right of Entry Order on 9th September 2014 via registered Australia Post 515595739018.

We are the Assembled Owners of these sovereign lands that as of 8th September 2014 were restored under the Jurisdiction of Paremata O Baludarri Sovereign Nation & Embassy.

As the Assembled Owners of Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy and descendents, by right of claim, we are the tribal guardians and custodians of Rangihou and Baludarri lands.

On Friday 12th September 2014, 2.30pm our ancestors were abruptly awoken and seriously offended by the disruption and digging at one of our burials sites, by one of your excavators. We the descendents were summoned to the site immediately, whereby we asked your site workers and excavator driver to stop working. Later that afternoon we affixed Trespass Signs at all entry points of 2 Morton Street Parramatta, Friday. We are again peacefully informing you and company that you have offended our ancestors and the children buried within this sacred burial site.  Rangihou and Baludarri lands are under ‘Atua’ protection (sacred). An ancient curse covers this land whereby in short “the ancestors will persist persist, and anyone that digs on this land is digging their own grave.”


Hoki wairua mai ra – e tamariki e tupuna e Ihoa Matua e, Huihuia mai ra – o tatou mate ta-ru-ru-nui, Ka wehe ki te po nui e, Noho mai ra e tamariki – i runga o to tipuna whare Rangihou, Baludarri,  Tatoko mai   i, Haere e tamariki i te ara o ou tupuna, kia karanga nui mai Kei o kui…ha kei o matua, hei karanga mai ki a koe,

Return in spirit, children, ancestors, Gather our great crowd of dead, Who have gone to the underworld, Rest there, children, upon your ancestral house Rangihou, Baludarri, Lie there!, Go tamariki to the pathway of your ancestors, call loudly to your female and male ancestors, they summon you,

“Ka tohe au, ka tohe au, Ki taku karaka I whakaura I te waru, E tu nei kati kawana, Kia Kutia, E kia, Ki tawhiti titiro mai ai, ae! engari no mua mai, Kanga no nga tupuna.”
I will persist, I will persist, My karaka berry boiled in the eighth month,
Here stands the obstacle of the Allies,
Close your ranks, And look at me from afar, Yes!
This comes from right back, Curse from the ancient ones.

“Te urupa e tamariki e, ki te whakamutu ketu,
Kua kore e kaha ki te kōrero; ka oho ko te manawa anake, manawa paku; ka kīia tēnā he manawa kiore”

The burial place of our children one must not dig or one will no longer able to speak; only the heart is active and the breathing is shallow; that is said to be the breath of a dying person.


Please heed our warning because if you continue after this third warning we will not be able to assist you should our ancestors avenge you, due to ignorance and greed. Be warned that they are standing guard and watching over you all.

You are now advised that you and company are not authorized to undertake any further excavation, building or development whole or in part.

We have now been served notice, effective immediately, to cease and desist from any and all excavation, building and development works on this site 2 Morton Street, Parramatta Gondwana Land.

Accordingly, M. Dibben and Company has no lawful right to entry of 2 Morton Street, in whole or in part, pursuant to the Notice of International Jurisdiction.   We demand that you immediately:


  1. Return the desecrated land back to its former matter under the instruction and watchful eye of the Assembled Owners Tribal Elders, due to the disruption and desecration of sacred children’s burial on the site. Thereafter remove all vehicles, assets and items from the said lands immediately.
  2.  Notify all persons affiliated with M. Dibben and Company that we will order all persons who are not granted access to immediately vacate the land or we will contact the Common Law Peace Men and Woman in affiliation with the NSW Police to escort you off the land and further be charged with Trespass under the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 (sections 4, 4A).
  3.  Remove all signage and sales billboards from the land.
  4.  Provide written assurances to us that you have complied with these directives and will not in the future enter or trespass on this land.


Submit this information and your written assurances to us no later than 18th September 2014 at so we do not have to consider further action.

This is an order to cease and desist, effective immediately.


Assembled Owners

Paremata O Baludarri Rangihou Sovereign Nation & Embassy


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