Remember my brothers & sisters
Remember our connection to earth
Remember our oneness with spirit
Which flowed through us from birth

The time is now to make our stand
To heal earth mother and cleanse our land

Banding together we shall unite
And bring to this earth our glowing light

The warrior within shall light our way
To the age of enlightenment & conscious new day

In peace, & love we shall walk this earth
A time of awakening & conscious re-birth

Only those who come from their heart will be chosen to stay
For earths new start

Sacred mother, sacred land
Conscious spirit, we make our stand
To heal our rivers, land & trees
To cleanse our air, that we may breathe
Spirits love, divine & pure
Oneness in love we are the cure

Brothers & sisters hear my song
It’s time to make right for all we did wrong
Heaven on earth is what we desire
Time of cleansing, with sacred blue fire

Remember what it was you were called to do
And shine your light, so the message gets through

Great love and respect to my Spirit Sister & Author of this poem for our journey ahead: Nari Anastarsia


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